beauty products to steal from the guys

beauty products to steal from the guys

With thousands of beauty products available, and all sorts of gorgeous packaging, it can be hard to determine what products work best for you. Sometimes products marketed for women specifically just aren’t up to snuff. I often find myself buying these products from the men’s aisle instead.

[ 1 ] Every Man Jack Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash: this is by far one of my favorite products. My boyfriend had a bottle of their citrus scrub that I really liked, and then I discovered this at Target. I remember Bath & Body Works used to have a similar body wash that they’ve discontinued and I’ve missed the combination of eucalyptus & mint ever since. This is great for those mornings where you can’t quite wake up, because the scent is fresh and invigorating.

[ 2 ] Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer: put this on your “must buy” list for winter. I picked this up for my boyfriend’s stocking last year and promptly stole it for myself. Whoops! It doesn’t leave your hands greasy and packs a ton of moisture to help prevent flaky hands and cracked knuckles when temperatures drop.

[ 3 ] The Body Shop Maca Root Razor Relief: this is a great buy for your beach bag. If you’re anything like me, constant shaving of your underarms (especially after the pool) can leave them feeling tender and prone to razor burn. This works better than any other razor relief product for women that I’ve used.

[ 4 ] Gillette Mach3 Razor: while we’re on the subject of shaving, can we just admit that women’s razors are usually terrible? I used this once at my boyfriend’s house in a pinch and I’ve never looked back. It stays sharp, even when stored in the shower, and reduces the razor burn on my sensitive skin if I do a quick shave without any shaving cream. Bonus: men’s razors are usually cheaper than the women’s equivalent.

[ 5 ] Anthony Advanced Formula Lip Balm: for those harsh days, especially in the winter or super windy days. This leaves your lips looking matte, not glossy, which I tend to prefer unless I’m specifically using a gloss. I also find myself not applying this as frequently as other lip balms because… it actually works!

If you give any of these products a try, please let me know your thoughts!¬†While there are clear differences between a man and woman’s skin, these products conveniently work for both.

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