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I was fortunate enough to have over a week off between the holiday and new year, so I spent most of that time focusing on reorganization. One thing I’ve always been great at is purging things we no longer need. I’m of the belief that if we need it that much in the future, we can buy, or borrow, the same thing. There are some things I won’t get rid of, even though they’re unnecessary, like our *cough* two artificial Christmas trees living in the basement, because they would be expensive to re-purchase if we wanted or needed them in the future.

After I’ve cleared out irrelevant items, made my appropriate donations and trashed the terrible stuff, my biggest hurdle is always the reorganization that comes afterwards. I’ve been on the hunt for great storage options and I’ve included a few of my favorites below!

target milk crate

Everyone loves a good milk crate, right? Target’s new Winter home collection has some great options, with a great wood tone, at the right price!
target storage bin

I picked up 2 of these large fabric storage bins this past weekend. Trust me when I say that the photo from the website does not do them justice. In person they are more indigo than grey/blue. I snagged 2 of the biggest size and I’ll probably go back for a few of the smaller media bin size, too!west elm basket

I love having a nice, tall basket in the living room and so does my boyfriend. I’m partial to things with lids, too, because it allows you to throw anything in there without it being an eyesore. We use these for all those pillows that don’t fit on the couch but I still need, you know? (Apparently I have a pillow “problem”.)

west elm jewelry box

These lidded boxes are available everywhere, in tons of styles, which is great! We have them on our coffee table to hide remotes, and in our bathroom for random hair ties and other tiny items.

How do you store those “still have to keep this” items around your home?


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